Fool's Gold BBQ- The Next Thing Smokin' - Book


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At age 44, Award-Winning Kansas City Pitmaster & Chef, Brian Rodgers, was labelled morbidly obese at 300 pounds and diagnosed with SIX life-threatening diseases. Determined to beat death, he refused gastric bypass surgery and relied instead on his 30 years worth of BBQ experience and his unique knowledge of plant-based food to heal himself. Miraculously, within just 6 short months, Brian was off all medications, reversed all six diseases, lost an astonishing 120 pounds…..and discovered Plant Based BBQ…..Yes, that’s really a thing! The best part? He documented all of it in detail and you can now read this amazing story in it’s entirety right in this very book. Brian shares his incredible life long struggle with food and obesity leading up to his incredible six-month journey and the exact step-by-step process he followed to once and for all conquer obesity and disease. From his meal plan and exercise regime, to his inner-most thoughts during the journey, Brian isn’t afraid to reveal all. He even shares how he maintains his new healthy lifestyle while still being able to enjoy mouth-watering BBQ and delicious food – slightly modified, of course! Do you too want to implement Brian’s strategy to lose weight, crush disease and eat BBQ? In addition to the exact steps he took to lose 120 pounds and reverse 6 deadly diseases in 6 months Brian also has included step-by-step instructions and over 17 plant based BBQ recipes!


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