4oz Box Quinoa Crackers - Play it Simple


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Flaky rolled oats give this sturdy-yet-tender cracker a rich, buttery texture. Delicious with PB&J, sharp cheeses, and (trust us) surprisingly perfect with ice cream. 

Ingredients: Organic quinoa flakes, filtered water, organic sunflower seeds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic extra virgin olive oil, honey, certified gluten free oats, organic millet, sea salt

Thin, crispy and nutritious. Quinoa is the main ingredient in all our crackers. Quinoa is a complete protein and packed with fiber. Our quinoa crackers are nutritious and delicious. Play It Simple crackers are made with whole grain quinoa – a super food – and nutrient dense, healthy pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

We use only natural ingredients – nothing artificial…ever. We never use any starches, gums or flour!

Our crackers are made with organic ingredients – nutritious – delicious!

Mix it up with New Beat Foods.


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