4oz Box Quinoa Crackers - Cranberry


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Snappy contrast of tangy sweetness and toasty crunch makes this cracker sing – beautifully! Excellent with nutty cheeses (like Gruyere and Swiss) and thinly sliced charcuterie.

Ingredients: Organic quinoa flakes, filtered water, organic pumpkin seeds, apple sweetened cranberries, honey, organic extra virgin olive oil, sea salt

Quinoa is the main ingredient in all our crackers. Quinoa is a complete protein and packed with fiber. Our quinoa crackers are nutritious and delicious. Cranberry Chorus crackers are made with whole grain quinoa – a super food – and nutrient dense, healthy pumpkin seeds and apple sweetened cranberries.

We use only natural ingredients – nothing artificial…ever. We never use any starches, gums or flour!

Our crackers are made with organic ingredients – nutritious – delicious!

Mix it up with New Beat Foods.


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