for vendors

Become a vendor at Bricks Retail

Bricks Retail provides flexible shared retail space to local vendors looking to sell their product(s) in a downtown retail location.

How it Works


Submit an application (see below) and tell us more about the products you’d like to sell.

Set up shop

If approved, bring in your product(s) and we’ll help you set them up.

Get Paid

Bricks will send you a check of product sales you’ve made, minus fees.

What it Costs

one product

Sell one product at Bricks
35% of sale. no setup fee.*

multiple products

Sell multiple products at Bricks
20% of sale + one-time $100 setup fee.*


Limited spots per category, and not exclusive (meaning we may have 2 or more vendors selling similar products like candles, bbq sauce etc..). Preference given to products made in Colorado. No fee to apply, applications reviewed then upon approval vendors notified of when to bring products in. For pop up now-Dec fees are $100 one time setup due by check at time of drop off (payable to Innovate Longmont) plus 20% of sales will be retained to cover sales tax and cc fees and other administrative costs. The vendors will be paid any proceeds from their sales monthly by check to be picked up in the store. Vendors with only 1 item such as a book author can opt for a straight percentage of sales option for 35% of sale price. Sales prices set by vendor. *Sales percentage and setup fees subject to change.